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Learn the key attributes for career success

Empowering Your "WHY": Becoming the Leader Others Want to Follow.
During this presentation participants learn the 5 key elements for becoming an authentic leader who others believe and trust.

Who Says I Need A Mentor?
A recent study by Deloitte found a key for Career Advancement. Deloitte's Research Brief found that retention and satisfaction is 25% higher for employees who have engaged in mentoring and it is an incredibly powerful tool for individuals who want to learn and grow within an organization. In this presentation, participants will learn the 7 Key Roles that a Mentor can play in helping to advance your career and how to find one.

"Intrapreneurship": The Innovation Process of Perspiration to Epiphany.
It has never been more important to educate people and organizations how to out-imagine, out-create, and out-innovate. This presentation will help participants to understand four keys to the innovation process and how to use those for career advancement.


"Gie Hayes is an accomplished leader, author and speaker. She has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and forums, providing Keynote addresses, technical sessions, and panel discussions. Gie easily connects with the audience, and her presentations are engaging and thought provoking. I found her presentation at the CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit particularly valuable as she highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by IT leaders. "  - Julie Batchelor, CSpring



Sharon “Gie” Hayes

See the world as young
in its development,
eager for your talents,
and that the chances have just begun.

Have a keen discernment
to perceive opportunities that
differentiate you from others.

Undertake the front towards
life that sets your tone and
shines your point of view.

Have the courage to
carry through, knowing that
endurance to the end,
is the opportunity.

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